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Since I was a child I would always sit in the back of our family car staring out the window and tapping my fingers to the trees, windows, doors, etc. flying by. It was kinda like a sequencer to me back then, where the city planners built the sequence. For this project I tried to capture the essence of me, staring out the window of our old car years ago.


How to build

  • Download Zip file of all the executable here.
  • Unzip, and run the executable "sequencer"
  • Open and have fun!

How to use Step Sequencer:

  • 1 - Once you start the step sequencer you are presented with three buildings in front of you and one building on your left.
  • 2 - These buildings are blank!
  • - That's where you come in, you place the windows and doors on these buildings
  • 3 - You are the city planner, planning out these raw buildings for kids in the backseat of their parents' cars to percuss with!
  • 4 - Using your mouse click on any location on the building and a door/window/window2 will be place
  • 5 - To toggle between door/window/window2 just press the space bar
  • 6 - When you are done, press enter and spawn a vehicle that will drive and "play" the building you just planned!
  • 7 - To reset click "r"
  • 8 - To save click "s"
  • 9 - To load most previously saved file click "l"


kevin yang smiling with a black hat on


L: @kev-yang